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Choose from a selection of already constructed Proto Homes™ to call home.

Our componentized prefab homes are built in diverse geographical locations throughout Southern California to offer you a variety of options, while instilling change through investment in our local communities. A "Proto-To-Go" home is open for showing immediately after construction. Walk through one; see if it's the right fit--if something strikes your fancy, you can work with your own realtor or with a member of our Sales Team to help put together an offer.



Size: 2,300 ft2

Cost: $210 per sq ft

Year Built: Fall 2011, SOLD

Location: 5182 Sunlight Place, Los Angeles, CA 90016

Size: 4,100 ft2

Cost: $210 per sq ft

Year Built: Spring 2012, SOLD

Location: 6521 Maryland Drive, Los Angeles, CA 90048

Size: 3,500 ft2

Cost: $210 per sq ft

Year Built: Fall 2013, SOLD

Location: 1902 Midvale Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90025

Size: 2,000 ft2

Cost: $210 per sq ft

Year Built: Current, Summer 2014

Location: 1724 Armacost Ave., Los Angeles, 90026 *Developer's Series, Contact us for more info.

Size: 2,698 ft2

Cost: $210 per sq ft

Proto-On-Demand (2014)

Location: 2201 Walgrove Ave., Los Angeles, CA 90066

Size: 3,200 ft2

Cost: $210 per sq ft

To Be Built: Winter 2014

Location: 3672 Fairland Blvd., Los Angeles, CA 90043

Size: 16,617 ft2

Cost: $210 per sq ft

Year Built: Current, Fall 2014

Location: 856 S Wilton Place, Los Angeles, CA 90005 *Developer's Series, Contact us for more info.

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